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Unlock your potential with Te Kōrau

Te Kōrau will help you develop and fine-tune your ideas, critically examine every part of your idea and determine the next steps, as well as integrate real feedback from potential customers, mentors, experts and the community.

Topics covered with Te Kōrau:

Wāhanga 1 (Module 1)

Knowing each other and yourself

Whākapapa, pēpeha, building your confidence, working styles, team building, obstacles

Wāhanga 2 (Module 2)

Kia mātau ki āu apataki                            Knowing your customer

Customer, Problem, Alternatives, Idea Testing

Wāhanga 3 (Module 3)

Kimihia te ara tika                                                  Finding the right solution

Solution, Benefit, Advantage, Starting Small, Brand Identity

Wāhanga 4 (Module 4)

Kia tika te whakahoahoa                            Getting the relationship right

Marketing & Message, Getting Keeping & Growing Customers, Manaakitanga

Wāhanga 5 (Module 5)

Ngā tūāpapa                                                  Building blocks

Distribution, Revenue, Typical Offering, Price

Wāhanga 6 (Module 6)

Ngā whakatakotoranga me ngā pūnaha tika Structures and systems

Legal & Accounting Considerations, Kaitiakitanga 

Wāhanga 7 (Module 7)

Tūhuratia te iho matua                                Discovering the bottom line

Start-up & Ongoing Needs, Fixed & Variable Costs, Break-Even Point

Wāhanga 8 (Module 8)

Ngā mahere ahumoni                                Financial modelling

Break-Even Point, Sales Projections, Cash Flow, Raising Capital

Wāhanga 9 (Module 9)

Rautaki Whakatupu                                    Planning for Growth

Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Growth Plans, Goal Setting, Celebration Prep

Wāhanga 10 (Module 10)

Whakanuia!                                            Celebration!

Our approach

Based on the CO.STARTERS programme -  an internationally successful model for validating ideas and building a sustainable business - Te Kōrau weaves in Māori worldviews and narratives to help Māori entrepreneurs navigate their business in Te Ao hurihuri (worldwide).

It places business success within Te Ao Māori, recognising that our tikanga and environment mean we operate and prioritise different values and protocols in enterprise. He aha te mea nui o te ao, he tangata, he tangata, he tangata. (What is important in the world, it is people, it is people, it is people.)

We know that your business will not only benefit you, but your wider whānau/hapu as a whole. Our goal is to equip and whakamana our people with the skills to lift both them and their wider whānau up by pursuing tino rangatiratanga and self-sufficiency to establish profitable businesses.