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Tō mātou tīma (Our team)

We are a team of wāhine with diverse experiences and backgrounds passionate about pākihi and building capability.

Tō mātou tīma (Our team)

Behind Te Kōrau stands a dedicated team committed to supporting Māori entrepreneurship:

Meet Tania Bristow, a vibrant Mana Wāhine whose career encompasses a rich tapestry of roles. From teaching business at various universities to empowering youth and communities throughout Aotearoa, Tania has been a driving force behind initiatives in Te Reo revitalization, Marae and Hapori reconnection events for hapū within Hokianga. Her journey includes serving as Operations Manager of a Community Development Trust, Project Manager for an Ahu Whenua Development Trust, and spearheading Training Programmes for rural Māori communities. Rooted in kaitiakitanga, youth development, and cultural revitalization, Tania prioritizes succession planning and hapori empowerment in all her endeavors. With an unwavering dedication to education and cultural preservation, she embodies innovation and resilience, uniting diverse communities to enact impactful change.

Introducing Marareia Hamilton, an exceptional Māori scholar whose academic excellence and entrepreneurial drive have propelled her to the forefront of both academia and business. Recognized as the highest-achieving Marketing Master's student of 2020, she now embarks on her Ph.D. journey. With a rich background in teaching business at the university level and contributing to the Māori Strategy team at AUT, she seamlessly blends academia with real-world impact. Her leadership extends to the management of multiple tourism companies, specializing in the Asian market, and fostering cultural exchanges that bridge communities. As a staunch advocate for hapū rangatiratanga and Whenua Māori development, she speaks with authority and passion, representing her community with grace and determination in Mana Wāhine claims. In every endeavor, she embodies resilience, cultural pride, and a relentless commitment to driving positive change.

Meet Sabrina Nagel, hailing from Germany, has recently conquered her Master's thesis, delving into the exciting world of integrating enterprise into New Zealand's educational landscape. With a fiery passion for education, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, Sabrina shines as an absolute rockstar within the ranks of Te Kōrau. From the very inception of our program, she's been right there alongside Tania and Marareia, infusing our team with invaluable knowledge and striking a perfect balance. Holding the prestigious title of Chief Dot Connector, Sabrina is a force to be reckoned with, fueled by her unwavering dedication to catalyzing positive change. With over a decade of experience crafting and championing startup initiatives, she brings a wealth of expertise that elevates our team to new heights. A true trailblazer in innovation, Sabrina is on a mission to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship across Aotearoa, propelling its continuous growth and evolution to even greater heights.